Electronic Data Exchange

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      This content is now offered freely by the Hydraulic Institute as a service to the pump industry.

      HI 50.7-2010, Electronic Data Exchange for Pumping Equipment Standard

      HI 50.7-2010 explains the electronic data exchange (EDE) initiative of the Hydraulic Institute promoting a common standard for the digital exchange of technical data for pumping equipment. This document also provides guidance for implementing these requirements in software applications and for the successful deployment of electronicdata exchange within an enterprise and between various stakeholders in the design, purchase, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of pumping equipment. This standard was developed in collaboration with the FIATECH/AEX project and is endorsed by, and referenced within, API 610, 11th ed.; ISO 13709, 2nd ed.; Process Industry Practices (PIP) standards; and the ANSI/ASME B73 standards. This HI-EDE standard is intended for use by business leaders, engineers, and information technologists at organizations involved in processing technical data for all types of pumping equipment.

      Appendix A.1, HI-EDE Data Dictionary

      Appendix A.2, HI-EDE Units of Measure

      Conformity Assessment Tool

      This application allows you to view, edit, and create standard or custom datasheets. These datasheets can be easily transformed into different formats by selecting from the "Equipment" and "Datasheet" options shown on the page menu bar. Also, the contents of the datasheets can be shared with other applications as an XML file using HI Electronic Data Exchange (HI-EDE).

      Compliance Testing Procedures

      These procedures document the steps necessary to self-certify that your software application is HI-EDE compliant for a particular pump technology (e.g. centrifugal) and data exchange level (R=required, D=desired, S=Supplemental, A=API 610 or ISO 13709).   

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