HI Develops Two New Pump Systems Assessment Certification Programs to Ensure High Quality Pump Systems Audits

      Hydraulic Institute Develops Two New Pump Systems Assessment Certification Programs to Ensure High Quality Pump Systems Audits

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      Building on its highly successful Pump System Optimization Education and Training Program that helps participants of different industries operate pump system more efficiency in achieving energy savings of 20% to 40%, the Hydraulic Institute is developing a broader Pump Systems Assessment Certification Program (PSAP) that will provide a method to assess the credentials and capabilities of individuals who do pump systems assessments and evaluations based on a rigorous testing protocol.

      The certification and examination processes within the PSAP will be developed within the framework of ISO 500001 Energy Management, ISO 500002 Energy Audit and ISO 500003 Energy Management System Audits and Auditor Competency as well as ISO/ASME 14414 on Pump Systems Energy Assessment.  The PSAP program also will be based on ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024, 2012 Standard for Personnel Certification Programs that increases the potential for national and international reciprocity of certified individuals and personnel certification bodies.

      Developed with the help of technical pumping experts with field experience in performing audits, the PSAP will be segmented into two areas of proficiency:

      • A one-time PSA Certificate will provide a thorough understanding of all the critical components in conducting a Level I pump systems assessment based upon the ISO 14414 standard and information coming in from HI subject matter experts.

      • PSAP Master Certification offers a higher level of technical competency to implement Level II and III pump system assessment in the field.  It will be offered only technically-qualified professionals with at least a B.S. degree from an accredited college or university or professionals possessing five or more years of experience, some in direct management of pump systems.  Certification must be renewed every three years to maintain competency.

      With a pool of nationally certified Pump Systems Assessment Professionals, the industry can more confidently implement pump system audits and be assured that the benchmark of an audit is at the highest level of quality, due to an ever-increasing pool of PSAP qualified professionals.  The end results will lead to improved pump system efficiency and decreased energy usage through retrofits and/or replacement of inefficient pump system components.

      For more information on the PSAP, contact Mark Sullivan, Director, Education and Marketing, Hydraulic Institute at msullivan@Pumps.org or call 973-349-5329.

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      For more information on the Hydraulic Institute, visitwww.Pumps.org.

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