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    • CorporateMarketingImageThe most effective marketing is highly targeted, because it enables sellers to reach precisely those who are most likely to purchase their product or service. In many industries, it can be ard to reach the target market even once it is clearly defined. Fortunately, that is not the case for pump manufacturers and suppliers, because the Hydraulic Institute (HI) corporate marketing tools enable members to reach their prospective customers easily and cost effectively.

      Enhance Your Corporate Credibility
      HI members have consistently reported that their affiliation with HI is a major benefit to their business that enhances their corporate credibility. Membership makes a difference.That’s why an increasing number of HI members are leveraging heir membership and taking advantage of the Institute’s cost-effective marketing resources.

      Drive Highly Qualified Prospects to Your Website
      The Hydraulic Institute offers members the opportunity to advertise online to prospective customers through its WebLink sponsorship program. As a WebLink sponsor, you may take advantage of two online capabilities that drive highly qualified prospects to your website. First, at the HI Virtual Tradeshow, you are represented by your corporate logo, which serves as a hotlink to your site. Second, the HI “Find a Supplier” search tool enables prospects to search the database of HI members using the most salient criteria. When the results appear, WebLink sponsors are listed first, along with a hotlink to each one’s website. In addition, a link to your company profile also appears so that interested parties can assess your strengths and capabilities at a glance.  Learn more ...
      Benefit from HI's Public Relations Activities
      As a matter of routine, the Hydraulic Institute publishes press releases on an ongoing basis. In many cases, these public relations campaigns feature actively participating HI members. For example, when the Institute elects a new board of directors, a press release is distributed, bringing highly desirable positive press to the new and continuing members of the board. Engineers and others who are active in HI’s technical committees are also recognized annually for their contributions and leadership roles. The more active you become in HI, the more positive press of this kind you will receive.
      Capitalize on the Hydraulic Institute Logo
      The Hydraulic Institute is the largest association of pump manufacturers in North America. Stating and demonstrating that you are a member of HI conveys instant credibility.Similarly, Pump Systems Matter (PSM) is the educational subsidiary of HI that also conveys your respected status in the pump industry as a promoter of energy efficiency and savings associated with pump systems optimization. As a member of HI, you are automatically a sponsor of PSM as well, and you can use both the “Member of HI” and “Sponsor of PSM” logos on your corporate website, your product brochures, and your e-mail signature. Use the logos confidently, knowing they designate that your company is part of a leading authority on pumps and pumping systems worldwide. Download logos in print- and web-ready formats.

      Leverage Opportunities to Co-Brand Publications
      If you are a Hydraulic Institute member or standards partner, you may purchase custom copies of HI standards or guidebooks that display your full-page ad. When you take advantage of this offer, you may select the specific standard or guidebook that best conveys the strengths of your company or your unique products. You will specify the quantity you wish to purchase, and HI will manage the print production for you.

      Start Taking Advantage of the HI Corporate Marketing Program Today

      To learn more about the opportunities for corporate marketing at the Hydraulic Institute, please contact

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