HI Staff Directory

    • Wen Chen, Programmer Analyst
      Phone:862.242.5221, ext. 1291    
      Email: wchen@pumps.org

      Melissa Cosme, Manager, Membership and Business Development
      Phone: 862.242.5975, ext. 1211
      Email: mcosme@pumps.org

      Susie De Bel, Committee and Admin Coordinator
      Phone: 862.242.5339, ext. 1161
      Email: sdebel@pumps.org

      Matthew C. Derner, Manager, Business Development, Pump System Programs
      Hydraulic Institute / Pump Systems Matter
      Phone: 214.801.1912
      Email: mderner@pumps.org

      Marianna Dorokhina, IT Manager
      Phone: 862.242.5324, ext. 1141
      Email: mdorokhina@pumps.org

      Susan Dunn, Bookkeeper and Customer Service
      Phone: 862.242.5138, ext. 1181
      Email: sdunn@pumps.org

      Peter Gaydon, Director, Technical Affairs  
      Phone: 862.242.5679, ext. 1191    
      Email: pgaydon@pumps.org

      Denielle Giordano, Director, Marketing and Events
      Phone: 862.242.5778, ext. 1151    
      Email: dgiordano@pumps.org

      Michael Michaud, Executive Director
      Phone: 862.242.5180, ext. 1001
      Email: mmichaud@pumps.org

      Mike Reimers, Director, Finance and Operations 
      Phone: 862.242.5189, ext. 1111    
      Email: mreimers@pumps.org

      Amy Sisto, Committee and Admin Coordinator
      Phone: 862.242.5239, ext. 1251
      Email: asisto@pumps.org

      Edgar Suarez, Manager, Technical Programs
      Phone: 862.217.2441, ext. 1221
      Email: esuarez@pumps.org

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