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       M. Chaffee 3.11.20

      Mark Chaffee, VP, Government Affairs & Sustainability, TACO, Inc.

      Mark has been selected as the 2019 HI Member of the Year. Mr. Chaffee's knowledge of pump systems and energy efficiency have helped HI respond to the significant market shift- and the opportunities that have been created around energy efficiency. His passion for driving energy efficiency beyond pumping systems and into the marketplace is visible through his actions speaking at industry conferences and writing articles for the trade press. His frequent visits to Capitol Hill have helped bring bringing energy efficient pumping systems to the forefront of the public policy discussion.

      He has worked for TACO for 25 years, holding various marketing roles throughout his career. Mark distinguishes himself for the level and extent of his involvement which has advanced both the technical work and the advocacy work of the Hydraulic Institute.  

      He brings his leadership skills to HI through holding leadership positions in technical committees that include:

      • Member of the Technical Affairs Steering Committee
      • Chair: HI 40.5 Pump and Extended Product Labeling
      • Chair: HI 41.5 Circulator Pump Labeling Program
      • Chair: Government Affairs
      • Chair: Energy Rating Oversight Committee
      • Vice President of Government Affairs on the HI Board of Directors 

      Member of the Year Award

      Typically given on an annual basis, the HI Board of Directors confers the “Member of the Year” designation upon a deserving individual based on established criteria.

      The designation is not always awarded on an annual basis, only when a deserving individual is identified.  The Nominating Committee seeks recommendations for this award and, based on merit, recommends an individual to the HI Board of Directors.


      As originally conceived the award was established to recognize the efforts and significant contributions of member company engineers who contribute to the advancement of the work of the Hydraulic Institute.  The award, however, is not intended to be limited to engineers as CEOs and marketing executives have been recipients in the past for their contributions & leadership in advancing the work of the Hydraulic Institute.  Annually the Nominating Committee will seek input and suggestions from the members and staff for individuals that meet the following criteria:

      • A nominee should have made a sustained effort, over time, contributing  to the mission and goals of the Hydraulic Institute
      • A nominee should have made a significant accomplishment, either with the creation of a new standard, technical guideline, educational initiative, program or activity of the Institute that has made a major contribution to the industry, the Institute and/or one that has far reaching implications.
      • A nominee should have made a significant accomplishment, as a direct result of the individuals vision, leadership and technical or managerial contributions that furthers the mission and goals of HI
      • Examples of such accomplishments might include: leading a committee in creating or updating a standard, with ground-breaking implications; demonstrating exceptional leadership in a particular committee, Section or program; advancing new concepts or programs important to the industry or providing sustained voluntary efforts in one or more areas over a substantial period of time.

      It is recommended, but not required, that the Nominating Committee seek wide-spread input from staff and the membership, inviting nominations in particular from all HI members who wish to nominate an individual from their own or another company.


      The HI Board of Directors, at its February meeting annually – or by letter ballot prior to the meeting, selects the “Member of the Year” recipient who is presented with a glass award at the Annual meeting.  A press release is issued by the Institute, and is often coordinated with the members’ corporate PR department to achieve the greatest publicity for the award.

      Call for Nominees

      An announcement of a call for nominees should be made at least once per year, no later than November, to provide opportunities for CEOs to nominate those on their staff they feel are deserving of such recognition.

      Past Member of the Year Recipients
       2018  Michael Mueller  Flowserve 
       2017  Julian Atchia
       2016  Michael Coussens
        Peerless Pumps
       2015    Paul Ruzicka
         Xylem Inc. - Applied Water Systems
       2014    Aleksander Roudnev
         Weir Minerals, North America
       2013    Randy Bennett
         Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.
       2012    Arnold Sdano
         Pentair Flow Technologies - Nijhuis
       2011    Al Iseppon
         Pentair Water
       2010    Trygve Dahl
         Intelliquip, Inc.
       2009    Thomas Angle
         Weir Specialty Pumps
       2008    Randal Ferman
         Flowserve Pump Division
       2007    Michael Cropper
         Sulzer Pumps
       2006    Ralph Gabriel
         John Crane Inc.
       2005    Stefan Abelin
         ITT Flygt
       2004    Graeme Addie
         GIW Industries, Inc.
       2003    Robert Stanbury
         Flowserve Corporation
       2002    David McKinstry
         IMO Pump Group
       2001    Gunnar Hovstadius
         ITT Fluid Technology
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