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      Making Meaningful Connections in the Pump Industry

      Businesses cannot flourish when operating in a silo. Meet pump engineering experts, industry peers and potential business partners to share ideas, build business and form mutually beneficial relationships at HI association events.  

      As an HI member, you can participate in technical meetings, conferences and committees to exchange pump knowledge with fellow constituents, meet important contacts within your industry and establish brand awareness of your own company.  You can even share website links on HI’s home page and post jobs.   HI supports networking on all levels through its meetings and services.

      Networking for CEOs, Division Heads, and General Managers
      One of the unique opportunities provided by the Hydraulic Institute is for CEOs in the pump industry to network with other CEOs exclusively while attending HI events. At CEO Roundtables, which occur twice a year — at the Hydraulic Institute Annual and Fall Conferences — market and industry insights are exchanged in a forum that is simply not available elsewhere. CEOs share knowledge and insights from their unique, common perspective. Expert speakers address timely issues and answer questions relevant to CEOs and other senior executives. 
      Networking for Engineers
      Seasoned engineers appreciate the chance to gather and exchange ideas with similarly qualified peers in the industry, while young engineers can use the sessions as an occasion for professional development. One of the most unusual aspects of these gatherings is the extraordinary level of collaboration among competitors, especially in the important work of writing standards and technical guidelines. Also important is access to counterparts at leading supplier OEMs and key engineering consulting firms.
      Networking for Business Analysts and Marketing/Sales Professionals
      The HI/VMA Market Outlook Workshop is a unique opportunity specifically designed for analysts, marketing professionals, and senior management to hear expert market trend presentations in key pump industries. Another networking opportunity is through participation in the Market Intelligence Committee. This committee has oversight responsibility for the Institute’s statistics and business intelligence program. Marketing/sales professionals are also invited to participate in technical committee work alongside their engineering counterparts either as observers who wish o gain a more thorough understanding of pump technology or as participants who wish to take a more active role in the development of HI standards and guidelines. 
      Networking for Pump Industry Suppliers
      HI conferences offer a unique venue where pump manufacturers and supplier companies can work collaboratively to address issues of common interest and concern. Pump industry suppliers are afforded an opportunity to demonstrate their technical expertise in non-commercial ways through conference presentations and educational events. In addition, suppliers can showcase their company’s products through HI’s Tabletop Display program.
      Networking with European Counterparts
      HI pump and supplier OEMs are invited to attend the Europump Annual Meeting, typically held in May each year. In a reciprocal arrangement, pump OEMs from the 15-nation Europump organization also attend the HI Annual Conference.
      Start Taking Advantage of These Peer Networking Opportunities Today

      To learn more about the opportunities for peer networking at the Hydraulic Institute, please contact or 973.267.9700 or visit the Conferences section of our site for upcoming event information.

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