Standards Partner Logo Library

    • This logo library is for the use of Hydraulic Institute Standards Partners only. If you have any questions about logo usage, please contact us. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the correct use of our logo.  

      The Hydraulic Institute Standards Partner logo is the symbol of affiliation with an organization that has served the pump industry since 1917. Displaying the HI Standards Partner logo shows your customers and the public that you are not only familiar with the standards guiding your industry but that you also participate in their development with other industry leaders. 

      Examples of where you may proudly display your association logo:

      • Your Corporate Web Site(s)
      • Display Advertising
      • Product Catalogs
      • Press Releases
      • Customer/user newsletters
      • Trade Show Booths
      • Annual Reports Stationery

      The logos below are in resolutions and file types suitable for either print or online use.  Right click on the link for the image format you need, then select either "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" (depending on your browser) to save the file to your computer. 

      Important graphic standard notes: 

      • The correct and consistent use of the HI Standards Partner logo is vital to maintaining the integrity of the HI brand. The logo must be used as supplied by the Institute without distortion or alteration. Any re-sizing of the art must be proportional and from .eps files supplied.
      • Sizing of the Standards Partner logo should never fall below one inch in width proportionally so as to ensure readability.
      • A minimum clear space around the logo equal to the height of the “c” in Hydraulic must be maintained.
      • Colors are Pantone 3135 C (blue), Pantone 7545 C (gray) and Pantone Black. The cmyk equivalent to be used for Pantone 3135 is 84-34-27-1 and Pantone 7545 is 79-62-34-14. The files are set-up with these parameters. Please choose the correct file for your printing requirements.
      • Background color for the reverse logo must be darker than the equivalent of a 50% black screen.
      • Do not fade in/out, spin or otherwise animate the HI Standards Partner logo.

            Standards Partner Logo 250 px wide                  
      For Web: PNG file; 187 px wide, Transparent background 
      For Web: PNG file; 250 px wide, Transparent background 
      For Web: JPG file; 187 px wide 
      For Web: JPG file; 250 px wide 
      For Print: EPS file; CMYK 
            Standards Partner Logo Black 250 px wide  


      For Print: EPS file; Black 

        Standards Partner Logo Reverse Gray Background
        For Print: EPS file; Reverse  


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