Standards and Education

    • Technical CommitteesSince 1917 developing pump standards has been the foundational work of the Hydraulic Institute. Today, HI members actively collaborate in the development and updating of over thirty ANSI/HI pump standards and a growing library of pump-related guidebooks and educational materials. These collaborative endeavors have resulted in resources that benefit the pump industry, but also noteworthy is what individual participants and their employers stand to gain.

      Represent Your Corporate Interests
      ANSI/HI pump standards are developed in the public interest and are designed to help eliminate misunderstandings between manufacturers, purchasers, and users, and to assist purchasers in selecting and obtaining the proper product for a particular need. The best way to ensure that the standards remain product-neutral is by enlisting a broad range of manufacturers, users, and other interested parties in the writing process. 
      Share Your Knowledge and Experience
      HI’s technical leadership draws from the pump industry’s best, brightest, and most experienced pump engineers. For these senior engineers, participating in standards development committees provides a unique opportunity to learn from and share experiences with their veteran counterparts at other companies. Suppliers to the industry also benefit from the experience of working alongside pump company engineers, gaining a better appreciation of how their products are integrated into pumps and pumping systems.
      Learn from Veteran Pump Engineers
      Standards development work is not only for the seasoned pump professional. Younger engineers are encouraged to participate as well to help ensure that knowledge is passed along to the next generation of industry leaders. Special, reduced registration fees make it more affordable than ever for younger engineers to attend HI meetings. 
      Earn Professional Development Hours
      Members and standards partners can earn Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits to fulfill state licensing requirements by attending technical speaker sessions at HI conferences and webinars and courses.
      Establish Your Company as an Industry Leader
      Leadership in the development of ANSI/HI pump standards through active participation in HI committees is one way to establish your company’s significance in the pump industry. Suppliers to the industry can make their own mark by delivering non-commercial presentations at HI meetings to share their area of expertise with the pump manufacturing community. Through its Pump Systems Matter (PSM) initiative, HI offers pump and systems education via e-Learning courses, online webinars, and in-person courses. Often members and standards partners are the featured presenters as well as contributors to this educational content. HI actively promotes these educational events and acknowledges individual presenters and their companies.
      Develop a Network of Industry Colleagues
      For many HI members, participation on technical committees becomes a rewarding voluntary commitment that can extend throughout their careers. Discussions among pump manufacturers, suppliers, and standards partners allow all participants to gain a better understanding of their counterparts’ needs and expectations.
      Learn How You Can Get Involved
      To learn more about the technical participation opportunities described in this brochure, please contact Pete Gaydon, Technical Director, at or 862.242.5679, ext. 1191.
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