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    • Make Standards a Part of Your Best Practices for Pump Operations

      Industry standards set protocols on design, material, methods, performance, testing and much more.  Standards are critical to efficient and effective specification and product development, saving time and money and ensuring reliability and safety.  Using comprehensive HI Standards developed by industry experts from all areas of interest, allows you to make more informed decisions in the design, manufacture and operation of all major pumps – positive displacement, and rotodynamic of centrifugal, mixed and axial flow types - for greater performance optimization.  HI ANSI-accredited American National Standards are globally accepted for use by pump users of all industries. 

      Recently, The Hydraulic Institute has published new American National Standards combining 1-series, centrifugal pumps, and 2-series, vertical pump, standards into a single 14-series standards. Historically, Hydraulic Institute standards have been divided into “1-series” standards covering centrifugal pumps and “2-series” standards covering vertical pumps. As noted in the names of the standards, the old centrifugal and vertical pumps are grouped under the name rotodynamic, which is an improvement in the accuracy of the nomenclature describing these types of pumps. For further explanation of these new standards review the following white paper: Hydraulic Institute Standards for Rotodynamic Pumps Covering Definitions and Nomenclature, Design and Application, Manuals for Installation, Operation and Maintenance, and Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Testing

      HI Guidebooks also serve as office/field reference material on critical pump topics such as Pump System Optimization, Mechanical Seals, Life Cycle Costs and Variable Speed Drives.  Use them to build an engineering library for repeat use by your staff.

    • ANSI/HI Pump Standard Packages:

    • Download the HI Publication Order Form and the HI Cross Reference Guide Now:



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