Courses and Workshops

    • Educate and train your engineering, operations and maintenance groups on all types of pumps and pumping systems to improve reliability, up-time, productivity and profitability.

      The Hydraulic Institute offers a wide range of classroom pump technology courses that can be tailored to address the challenges and issues of your specific industry.  Whether it’s wastewater, chemical processing, water, oil refining, pulp & paper, mining, food & beverage or any industry that moves fluids, the Hydraulic Institute can offer a pump course that covers pump design, specification, installation , maintenance, optimization and energy efficiency to improve your bottom-line.

      Our most popular course is a 7 hour, in-person training that focuses on Pump System Optimization: Energy Efficiency and Bottom-Line Savings, based around the Hydraulic Institute Guidebook, Optimizing Pumping Systems. This course covers a wide range of topics including identifying energy savings opportunities, increase profitability and reliability, and also affords participants the opportunity to earn 7 PDH credits. The standard course for PSO covers the following topics:

      • Why Efficient Pumping Systems are Important
      • State of the Power Industry
      • Systems Optimization and Improvement Opportunities
      • Basic Pump System Interaction
      • Basic Pump Operation
      • Screening Pumping Systems
      • Analysis Tools for Pumping Systems
      • Improving the Performance of Existing Pumping Systems
      • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (revised)
      • Developing an Action Plan

      Pump Systems Matter (PSM) provides product-neutral training on pump systems, where qualified instructors share their many years of experience. The course is already tested, proven, and ready for delivery on your chosen schedule. In addition, course materials are professionally produced and ready for delivery.

      • Utilities can offer this course as an added value to their business customers. The course also supports market transformation, energy efficiency and rebate/incentive programs.
      • Pump Users will gain direct benefits within their organization by understanding and implementing existing improvement opportunities.
      • Engineering Consulting Firms and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) can provide an added service to assist their clients reach their energy savings goals.
      • Pump and Supplier OEMs that are training their staff and customers will be communicating the value of focusing on a systems approach and energy management best practices.
      • Associations can offer this course as a new member service, while creating non-dues revenue for their association.
      • Federal, State and Local Government Offices, along with Regional Energy Efficiency Organizations, can use this course as a tool to introduce better energy efficiency practices within their scope and regions.
      • Pump Systems Matter (PSM) sponsors receive significant discounts on hosting the course.

      This course can be tailored to fit specific market niches such as:

      • Wastewater
      • Drinking Water
      • Pulp and Paper
      • Power Generation
      • Oil and Gas
      • Mining
      • Chemical Processing

      For more information on hosting a course, or finding a course located close to you, contact:

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